A smartbank that will sweep you off your feet.

We're happy to say hello in Finland, Latvia, and soon Germany. Want to be next?

A bank made with you

Sweep is a smartbank that is built with you.
We listen to your ideas and design our services based on your everyday needs. We create the banking services you need and want - nothing more, nothing less.

Join us on our journey

Hey, Sweep is in the very beginning of its journey, and we would love to change how you feel about banks.

Full transparency

It’s time to break down the walls between banks and their customers. We want to give you full transparency to how things work. This means no hidden fees and as little banking jargon as possible.


Shop easily anywhere

Sign up to get your instant virtual debit card that you can use for safe online shopping. Of course, we also support contactless payments.


Bank in your phone

Activate your free bank account with Sweep. Super easy access to your account, balances and payments - always just a tap away.


Save money to make money

We make saving really easy - pick the amount you want to save, we take it from there.

Grow with us

Get the Sweep app and open your free bank account in just minutes.

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